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Investor Information

Q: How far back do you search the title?


Q: Do you show both sides of the HUD on a closing packet for an assignment?


Q: Do you do remote closings? Do you charge extra for them?

A: Yes, We have mail-away closings and mobile notary closings. Mail-aways are when we mail all of the documents, you sign and notarize them, then send them back. A mobile notary is someone who will come to your location and notarize the documents as you sign them. They do cost extra but that expense will be rolled into closing costs. 

Q: Do you have experience working with investors?

A: We work with investors all of the time. We do flips, wholesale, assignments and more. 

Q: Do you do your own title searches?

A: Yes, we have an in-house title searcher at each location. 

Contact the location you would like to close at for more information about investment closings. 


 Kenneth Brown, Halo Realty, LLC

" I absolutely LOVE working with the team at Warranty Title! They make me and all of my clients feel at home and like family. The entire staff goes over and beyond to welcome you and help with any issues that arise. I'm so grateful and honored to call them my partner".

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